…my name is Terry Sidhu and I’m a life coach. In summary, that means I can help you (re)realize what you’re capable of.

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My 5-Step-Meditation process.

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My mission for my company is to help evolve the human experience, which may sound ambitious, but one of the first things you need to understand about life, is that it gets a lot easier when you’re contributing it to something far greater.

Here’s a break down of my journey so far:

  • In 2012 I moved to Canada from the UK, I started blogging in an attempt to develop an online presence for a job interview; I curated advice by reformatting business development tools into personal development ones.

  • I started offering personal advice online and as demand for advice and guidance grew, I utilized my knowledge and experience in marketing, psychology and spirituality to develop a comprehensive life planning model.

  • At the start of 2014, I launched my local life coaching practice in Vancouver B.C. and by the end of the year, I found myself working with communities and clients all over the world.

  • In 2017 I launched an online life planning course to make my services more accessible and my work/life more sustainable.

  • As a result, in the Summer of 2018 I was able to launch a cannabis-friendly meditation program called, Infinite Life, along with a FREE online meditation course.

What started out as a small boutique practice designed to help people set goals and figure out their relationships, soon grew into a diverse range of programs designed to raise self-awareness and support mental health. Therefore, and trust me when I say this, if I was able to figure all this “life stuff” out, so will you.

  • Today, you’ll find me in Nelson B.C. working with a handful of clients a month, teaching meditation in my home studio, running development workshops and spreading my knowledge of sustainable and independent mental health management through my keynote presentations.

I’ve been coaching for several years now and I still have great passion and enthusiasm for the work that I do, so let’s talk about your challenges and get your life back on track:




  • Life Planning & Preparation (8-Sessions Approx.)

    • Perfect for developing a broader understanding of your life, you’ll work on developing a personal life plan complete with purpose driven goals and aspirations.

  • Mental-Health Management Support

    • Learn how to navigate through life safely and balance your energy levels with Terry’s self-awareness tips and techniques. (Coaching is not to be confused with therapy or counselling and it is recommended that you consult a certified mental-health practitioner before working with a life coach..)

  • Motivation and Productivity Coaching

  • Meditation and Spirituality Coaching

  • Confidence & Self-Awareness Coaching

Additional support Services:

  • Relationship Coaching (e.g. Couples/Family Coaching)

  • Young Adult/Adult Mentoring Programs (e.g. Life Skills and Mental Health Management)

  • Recovery & Rehabilitation Coaching (e.g. Motivation and Mindset)

  • Integration Coaching (e.g. Navigating Life Changing/Affirming Experiences)

  • Community & Company Development Programs (e.g. Coaching Workshops and Keynotes)

  • Entrepreneur & Business Development (e.g. Focus and Direction)




Personal Coaching

30 min. Session - $111 total. (CAD)

60 min. Session - $222 total. (CAD)

90 min. Session - $333 total. (CAD)

Available via phone/video conference.


  • 3 Days of Email and Text Support (24 hr. response rate).

  • Email Session Summary.

Online Courses

Dream Life Design (Online Life Planning Course) - $97.00 (USD)

Meditation Mastery (Online Meditation Course) - FREE

Guest Speaking & WORKSHOPS


  • Sustaining Mental Health as an Entrepreneur.

  • Marketing Management for Personal Development

  • Scaling Back Your Lifestyle

  • Fulfillment starts with your senses.

  • How to Meditate for Success.


  • The Sacred Om Symbol: An Ancient Psychology

  • The Transcendental Journey - A journey through tiers of awareness.

  • The 5-Step Meditation Process

  • The Common Sense Approach to Chakras


  • Evolution of the Work/Life Balance

  • Integration post Psychedelic Experience


  • Meditation Classes (inc. guided Meditations)

  • Defining Self with Tantra (Cannabis-friendly option available)

  • Life Planning Workshops

  • Motivational Workshops

  • Ideation Workshops (Cannabis-friendly option available)

For inquiries, please email: info@tsidhu.com

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For more information or general inquiries, please email: info@tsidhu.com

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