…my name is Terry Sidhu and I’m a life coach.

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“All I was trying to do was understand the battle going on inside my mind, once I figured it out, I just started teaching others.”

My mission for my practice, is to help evolve the human experience. It may seem ambitious, but having this focus is what helps me connect with my clients’ truth, so that I can help them, navigate their lives into fulfillment.

I’ve been coaching professionally for 6+ years now, and I’m almost at a hundred clients served, which to me is fascinating, because all I was ever looking to do, was figure out how to move my own life forward.

  • When I moved to Canada from the UK, I started blogging in an attempt to develop an online presence, for a job interview. I was curating advice by reformatting business development tools, into personal development tools.

  • As demand for advice and guidance grew, I was encouraged to develop a life planning model, utilizing my knowledge and experience in marketing, psychology and spirituality. -Having my own coaching model enables me to fine-tune each client program like an engine designed specifically for their life and because of this, I became known for my “unique approach.”

  • My local coaching practice in Vancouver BC, soon grew into an international one and I began incorporating more of my childhood meditation/spiritual education, into my sessions, My mother taught me how to navigate through mental health issues and how to release myself from societal pressure and expectation with meditation, so I decided to let my clients in on my personal practice.

  • Today, my diverse range of services are the result of services rendered. I never really had a business plan, per se, I just followed the path wherever it led me.

I am confident, but it’s only because my experience now meets my mission.

If you want to learn more about me or my services, please email info@tsidhu.com, if you’d prefer to talk, please feel free to schedule an appointment.

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