Coaching Services

He is a wonderful and kind person who you can easily open up to and feel comfortable around.
— OLIVIA T., 27, Marketing Consultant

Life Coaching

Designed to help you regain control over your life, learn to harness the power of your identity and overcome the restrictions keeping you from moving your life forward.

  • Learn How to Effectively Evaluate and Reflect
  • Revive Your Identity and Establish Your Purpose
  • Identify Changes and Define Your Life Missions
  • Set and Start Work Toward Your Goals
  • Develop A Healthy Mindset and an Optimistic Outlook on Life
  • Boost Motivation and Increase Productivity
  • Improve Confidence and Learn to Trust Yourself
  • Tackle Insecurity and Self-Doubt
  • Learn to Manage your Mental Health
  • Overcome Troubles Caused by Interactions with Other People

Performance Coaching

Realign your intention and set your focus as you learn how to mange your mind and stabilize your thoughts. With a non-aggressive approach, you'll mindfully enhance productivity.

  • Learn to Adapt to What Your Mind and Body Needs
  • Discover Techniques to Overcome Mental Restrictions
  • Build A Healthier Relationship with Yourself
  • Harness Creative Energy
  • Prepare Your Mind for Contingencies
  • Utilize Motivation More Effectively
  • Restructure Your Work Week
  • Strengthen Confidence and Self-Belief
  • Face Your Truth and Deal with It Effectively
  • Free Yourself from the Influences of Expectation and Pressure

Relationship Coaching

You and/or your partner will detach from the pressures influencing the perspective your relationship. Learn to overcome the troubles caused by your differences, and guide you on how to restore balance.

  • Learn How to Identify and Overcome Recurring Problems
  • Better Communicate to Your Partner
  • Restore Balance and Partnership
  • Strengthen Trust and Honesty
  • Explore How Your Relationship Has Evolved
  • Understand How Personal Motivations Impact Your Relationship
  • Reconnect You to Your Relationships Purpose
  • Revive Your Individual Identities
  • Overcome Break-Ups and Deal with Separation

Additional Services

Need a consultant to support your personal development program? Terry often lends his expertise in the following arenas:

  • Recovery Coaching (Addiction Recovery)
  • Integration Coaching (Integrating Life Changing/Affirming Experiences)
  • Youth/Young Adult Mentoring Programs (Life and Mental Health Management)
  • Community Support Services (Workshops and Topical Talks with Local Communities)
  • Human Resource Support (Assisting HR Teams with Employee Development)
  • Yoga, Meditation and Psycho-Spiritual Education (Teaching Techniques on Managing Consciousness)
  • For more information on any additional services, please contact.