• Life Planning & Preparation (8-Sessions Approx.)

    • Perfect for developing a broader understanding of your life, you’ll work on developing a personal life plan complete with purpose driven goals and aspirations.

  • Mental-Health Management Support

    • Learn how to navigate through life safely and balance your energy levels with Terry’s self-awareness tips and techniques. (Coaching is not to be confused with therapy or counselling and it is recommended that you consult a certified mental-health practitioner before working with a life coach..)

  • Motivation and Productivity Coaching

  • Meditation and Spirituality Coaching

  • Confidence & Self-Awareness Coaching

Additional support Services:

  • Relationship Coaching (e.g. Couples/Family Coaching)

  • Young Adult/Adult Mentoring Programs (e.g. Life Skills and Mental Health Management)

  • Recovery & Rehabilitation Coaching (e.g. Motivation and Mindset)

  • Integration Coaching (e.g. Navigating Life Changing/Affirming Experiences)

  • Community & Company Development Programs (e.g. Coaching Workshops and Keynotes)

  • Entrepreneur & Business Development (e.g. Focus and Direction)