Life Coach Training

Interested in becoming a Life Coach?

Join VanCity Life Coach Inc. (VCLC) as a life coach in training, and build your own life coaching practice in association with Terry Sidhu as an accredited VanCity Life Coach

The course fee will include:

- Training on the VCLC Personal development Model.

- How to work with clients in your niche.

- Business development advice + tools to help you manage your practice.

- Mentoring for a full year to help you through your first year of practice.

- Get listed as a 'Life Coach in Training' on the VCLC website to help you develop exposure while training.

- Get listed as an 'Accredited VCLC Life Coach' after successful completion of your training program.

- Personal endorsement by VCLC founder, Terry Sidhu.

- Each trainee will also have the opportunity to contribute content on the Lions Life Blog, awarded top 100 life blogs.

- Opportunities to build you brand alongside VCLC, and invest in future VCLC developments... (Think BIG!)

- And lots more...

This will not be a generic training program, each individual selected will initially be part of the VCLC brand, help develop it, and nurtured to ensure each life coach in training feels confident in their abilities before branching out into their own coaching brand - with the support of VanCity Life Coach Inc.!!

UPDATE: We'll be launching the program toward Fall 2018 and opening the school, initially, to only 4 gifted students. Course fees will be in the range of $5000, so please do consider the commitment before registering.